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Friday, May 16, 2014

Last Project of the Year!:(

This week, I decided to paint and glaze my fairy shoe that I made a couple months ago. I wanted to make my shoe very brightly colored and glazed so that it could stand out from the rest. I made the leaves of the shoe an Azurite and I made the stem a Clover Green. I didn't want to make both the leaves and the stem the same color though because it seems like it would blend in together and I wanted each aspect of the shoe to stand out. Hopefully, all the colors will match up with each other so that this piece could turn out really great. I'm very glad to have finished my shoe before the year was over, sculpture has been such a great class for me and I'm gonna miss it and my current teacher.

Friday, May 9, 2014

My Finished Miniature Cookie Jar

This week, I was able to finish my tiny cookie jar in the matter of three class periods throughout this week and last week. I was able to create a design on the body and lid of the jar and also make tiny little cookies to fit inside it. This piece itself represents lots of pattern and line on the body of the piece, as well as on the top part too. Unfortunately, the piece itself turned out to be very small and not big enough to hold actual cookies inside, unless they were as small as the piece. Nevertheless, this textured vessel can be used in a bunch of other ways.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Switching Gears!

This week, I changed my mind and decided to do something else with what I wanted to do for my textured vessel. Instead of doing a bunny with floral and swirly designing on the body, ears, and face, I decided to go into a whole other direction and make a cookie jar filled with tiny treats inside. The reason that I decided to switch my plans is because I felt that my before project wasn't working out so good as I hoped it would. An it was easy to switch gears at the sat second, all I had to do was cut off the ears and arms and use the body as the bottom half of the jar, as well as transforming the top half into a lid. As for the rest of the little details and patterns on the lid and bottom parts of the jar, I will take care of next week.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Textured Vessel!

This week, we are beginning a new project that involves us taking an ordinary inanimate object or animate project and put a certain texture on it. For my textured vessel, I'm making a small bunny with a certain leaf pattern similar to a picture of a vessel I found on the internet. So far, I have made the base portions of my bunny like the head, the arms, the ears, and the rest of the body. However, I have not started making the designs on my textured vessel, but that will be my goal for next week in order to complete this project.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

My finished Lantern!:)

This week, on Friday, I finally finished the workings of my Japanese Lantern after days of planning what I wanted to make with it. At first, I was going to make it a closed lantern and poke a few holes shaped like vines and leafs inside to let the light shine out from it; But then I decided to go in a whole other direction with this project. Instead of it being a closed lantern, my art teacher suggested that I should not make a fourth side to this lantern and have the sides squeezed more together to make it sort of an open lantern. I really liked that I did that instead because I was having trouble with creating the fourth side and I really adore how the whole lantern turned out in the end.

Friday, April 11, 2014

My Japanese Lantern in progress!

This week, I have worked on building the middle layer and I have made the finishing touches on the top and bottom layers. So far, the bottom layer is built to be a thick stable square base, in order to keep the whole project stable. Next, the middle layer will have sort of a floral design on each of the four sides and will have vines growing around it once I incorporate that part in my final product. Then finally, the top layer of my lantern will be a flower with petals growing outward from the center tip of the piece, overlapping a little off of the top of the roof of the top layer. This should all come together once I fired it but until then, I will finish the middle layer and stick it onto the base layer so that it can stand as a piece.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Two layers finished! One more to go! :)

This week, I have started to create the top layer and the bottom base layer of my Japanese lantern project. I know that it may look pretty small just from looking at the pictures below; however, the lantern itself will be of normal size once I get done with the tall, middle layer of the whole lantern. My plan for the middle layer of the lantern is to make it sort of flow with the top layer of the lantern. I want the flower petals to kind of place themselves over parts of the layer itself. I also plan on having a diamond-shaped pattern on the sides with little spikes coming off the sides of the lines to make it look sort of nature based like the flower flowing off the top layer. I plan to try to get done with the middle layer next week and to possibly put the entire lantern all together completely.